We went showjumping!

It has defiantly been a busy yet very good two weeks for Dolly and I. We managed to squeeze in two outings to Brook Farm for some British Showjumping…

26th February 2020

After Wednesdays lectures (of course a priority…) I loaded Dolly up and boxed down to Brook Farm – its only a 30 minute drive from Writtle – its a nice venue with a large outdoor arena and good, bright colourful jumps which makes it even more ideal being the fact that it is so local!

Unfortunately, due to leaving after the lecture, we managed to miss the first class I had intended to do (1.05m) and were rather rushed to jump the newcomers. None the less, tack was thrown on and we went for it. Due to a rather efficient warmup, I wasn’t sure how Dolly would feel about the very respective 1.10 that was built! For the first half of the course Dolly was strong but she contained herself well considering we hadn’t been out in 2 months. Number 5 was a water tray and, although we have never had issues with these before, it was positioned in a ‘scary corner’. I rode a very wobbly line into which lead to having it down. The water tray was on a three stride dog leg to a rather large oxer, because of the dodgy jump over the water tray, I was thrown a bit and then rode, quite possibly, the worst line I possibly could to the oxer meaning we had that down too. Looking back at the video, she was very honest to even jump it!

After this slight mishap mid course, Dolly jumped out of her skin around the rest of the track. It was certainly a full up newcomers (probably the biggest we have ever jumped) and she quite literally flew everything els, giving me the best feeling! Overall, obvious things to work on but it was just nice to be back out in the ring!

Last minute on the Tuesday evening of the following week, I decided to again, go to Brook farm as they hold affiliated showjumping every Wednesday. So, again, after my lecture I boxed over to Brook farm. This time, I made the 1.05cm which was one of those ‘almost perfect’ rounds. The last line on the course was an oxer, 5 strides and then a double to finish. Dolly jumped big over the oxer and I was not quick enough to get her back on landing giving us a bad stride into the double. I saw a long one, Dolly saw a short one… She was able to get over the first part of the double but had to compromise by putting two strides in the one stride distance and tipped the top rail of the second element as a result of this. Sometimes I have to remember that she is only 15.2hh and horse strides can occasionally be long for her! The round before this point was spot on. She was waiting and listening down all the related distances and overall jumped well!

The newcomers went very, very well. We had just 1 down mid cause due to me switching off slightly and not catching Dolly’s shoulder round a turn. However, looking back on this round, it has to be one of the cleanest, organised rounds we have done. She really listened to me – especially down the distances! Very happy with her.

I decided to give it a miss this week but is looking likely again for next week!

And to note – the water tray was back this week and she didn’t bat an eyelid 😉

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